Lorenzo Bon

Lorenzo Bongi in Art Lorenzo Bon, is a singer and songwriter. He was born in Ancona but his family has origins in Florence. He descends from an old ancient family of Tuscan knights who boast a long musical tradition. In the past, some of the Bongi were even part of the Medici council. Since childhood, his multi-instrumentalist father and trumpeter grandfather have passed on to him their immense passion for Jazz and Soul, genres that characterize his musical production.
It will be in memory of his grandfather that Lorenzo, decide to using it, as a stage name. He has studied music since he was a child and over the years continues his training in the most prestigious music schools in his region as well as with professionals privately. Subsequently he will continue as a self-taught, reading up on the vocal techniques of Demetrio Stratos and will begin to put them into practice with the repertoire of Frank Sinatra and Al Jarreau. He continues to cultivate his immense passion for music even while carrying out other jobs and until his “artistic maturity” he will never miss the opportunity to perform or participate in auditions and singing competitions. This unstoppable tenacity will allow him to find his musical identity and he discover new potential to control his voice.
Before the age of thirty he was hired as an on-board technician and official crew for an excellent superyacht shipyard in Ancona and thus began a journey that will last 7 years. During this experience he learns technical notions from the high-tech systems on board and in addition to the experience of life in close contact with the sea in every season, he will have the opportunity to perform in prestigious million-dollar events and in many of the venues in the docking cities.
In that specific period he will continue to experiment and deepen his studies on Phil Perry’s vocal techniques and improvisations. This innate passion gives him the strength to change, leave his job and embark on a career as a singer.

His stubbornness will be rewarded and between 2012 and 2015 he will live some of the most beautiful experiences of his artistic life:
– at the end of 2012 his first sold out for the end-of-year charity concert at the Teatro Valle in Chiaravalle in collaboration with the Montessoriano project;
– in 2013 he met the Master Massimo Moriconi, who invited him to the 40th Anniversary of Umbria Jazz and played with him and Renato Sellani; he returns to Umbria Jazz also in 2014;
– In September 2014, after a European tour in France and London, he performed in Rome as a soloist with the Massa Carrara Symphony Orchestra for the Brasil Awards sponsored by Shell;
– In January 2015 he met in the recording studio with Massimo Moriconi, Stefano and Gianluca Nanni to produce the clip of his project Lorenzo Bon Quartet (Play the Jazz Legends);
During 2015, while he started the production of his EPK for which he took care of the entire direction, the strongest emotion of his life arrived:
Get in touch with Larry Williams, world-famous pianist and arranger, who has collaborated with musical giants such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Prince, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles and many others.
After months of interaction and discussion via email, Larry decides to invite Lorenzo as a guest at Al Jarreau’s concert at Porta di Roma.
At that precise moment, as a sign of deep respect and devotion, Lorenzo approaches the great AL while Larry personally immortalizes the meeting by taking several photos including the one where Jarreau signs Lorenzo’s record.

In the following years “Bon” performed in Italy and Europe as a soloist and in groups, both in public and private events.
In 2023 he will resume a series of international events in full swing which will lead him to perform in front of the most prestigious events of world groups such as mSc, LV, BMW, etc.
During 2023 he will begin the production of his Jazz album-project “Last Romantic Bulwark” which will end only in the first months of 2024 accompanied by the Masters: Roberto Bachi (Piano), Stefano Travaglini (Double Bass), Luca Quadrelli (Saxophone), Gianni Gabellini ( Drums) with special guest Fabrizio Bosso (Trumpet).

His rare timbre, as a bass-baritone, makes him a unique voice and at his concerts the emotional impact is powerful and reference-worthy.
The warm and scratchy sound that characterizes him is particularly suited to Jazz, Soul and Blues.
In his repertoire of over 1000 songs, he interprets and personalizes historical songs by artists such as: Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, Nat King Cole, Lou Rawls, Ray Charles, James Brown, etc.
He loves singing mainly everything that excites him and uses his “vocal register” ranging from Black Music to modern jazz combined with pop and fusion, driven by his constant desire to support the history of what he he defines it as “Beautiful Music”.

Musicians around the world and specialists of entertainment define Lorenzo as one of the greatest singers of all time.

Keep working and growing,
You’re are Very Talented and Your passion is what will shine through.
Larry Williams

Let me know when you coming to US.
Al Schmitt
(Storico fonico della Capitol Records che lavorò con Sinatra,etc.)

Hey Lorenzo!!!
Your voice still gives me chills!!
God Bless you my brother!!
Eddie Miller
(Pianista storico di Brian Culbertson)

Il tuo timbro di voce è bellissimo.
Fabrizio Bosso

You’re voice is incredible! It sounds like a piano.
Marc Anthony

He is Lorenzo and he sing like Sinatra.
Larry Williams
(Backstage nel quale Al Jarreau Firmò il disco di Lorenzo)

Per fare Jazz ad un altro livello serve una marcia e tu ce l’hai.
Massimo Moriconi

You sounds Great!
Dave Koz

Sei un Baritono naturale. Mi onori.
Mario Biondi
(Mentre ad un evento Lorenzo gli confidò di aver cantato più volte Be Lonely e Ecstasy)

Your talent and creativity have always been sources of great inspiration to me.. Your voice is truly captivating! I’m impressed by your talent and passion.
Dee Dee Bridgewater