BIO Lorenzo Bon

Singer, Songwriter, Frontman,

Lorenzo Bon was born in Ancona on 9th September 1978.

Singing and playing his guitar have been, and actually are, his natural forms of expression.

He comes from a long-standing musical tradition, has a matter of fact his father is a multi-instrumentalist and his grandfather was a trumpeter.

They have transmitted him a great passion for music since he was a child.

In the long run he felt the need to transfer his deep emotional vibrations in lyrics and songs.

This authentic vocation was accompanied by long years of study and improvement, both on vocal technique and on the control of rhythm, complemented by the study of over a thousand songs in any genre of music, both Italian and International.

He especially focused on the research of sound and vocal utterances following the theories of Demetrio Stratos.

His rare tone as bass- baritone gives him the possibility to sing in a soft intimate style like a crooner and enables him to produce a wide range of frequencies that allows him to sing any musical genre.

He can thus interpret and customize in his performances, famous evergreen songs from Sinatra to; Lou Rawls, James Brown, Ray Charles and many others.

Today, after so much work, his voice has arrived to a warm and scratched sound, which is particularly suited to jazz, soul and funk.

During his collaborations with some of the most important Masters pioneers of Italian Jazz ( Massimo Moriconi, Renato Sellani ,etc. ) and other international musicians, he has ideated some musical projects that he still brings forward.

They are calibrated to his tones of voice and are driven by his constant desire to support and to pass on the history and emotions of what he calls “Beautiful Music”.


 2010 – BON&Sinatra Nights:

This project is a tribute to greatest Frank Sinatra.

Lorenzo Bon with his ensemble of masters or with a symphony orchestra performs Sinatra’s songs to revive all the evergreen songs of the Italian-American singer.

2012 – BON&The Alchemists:

A band of professional musicians plays the masterpieces of jazz, soul, funk and blues.

They participate at festivals, charity events, private parties, concerts and cultural events.

The sextet performs an International repertoire that is a mixture of the greatest achievements of Artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Nat King Cole, Barry White, Lou Rawls, B.B.King, James Brown and many others.

2013 – B-SIDE:

On request of some entertainment European agencies into the music business, Bon creates this project with other professionals internationally known, customizing repertoire in Jazz, Pop, Soul and Bossa Nova styles to meet Italian, Russian, Brazilian and British customers’ demands.

In the same year Bon met Massimo Moriconi, who invited him as a guest, to participate at the Fortieth Anniversary of “Umbria Jazz 13” in a trio with master Renato Sellani. This new friendship and complicity lead them to perform together on other occasions.

2014 – Lorenzo Bon Quartet /Play The Jazz Legends:

Bon and Moriconi met again in the studio to work on a new project with Gianluca Nanni at the drums and Stefano Nanni at the piano, Thanks to new arrangements made by Stefano Nanni, they performed the greatest national and international Jazz top hits as well as some new songs written and composed by Lorenzo Bon.

During 2014 he gave many concerts which brought him to sing and perform at national and international musical events.

He was confirmed at Umbria Jazz Festival 14 with masters Sellani and Moriconi.

He performed in Cinecittà theater in Rome, accompanied by ESO (Ensemble Symphony Orchestra) of Massa and Carrara.

He apperead as a guest performer of the New Land Jazz Trio at Jumeirah Carlton Tower as first time in London.

Between 2012 and 2014 in addition to many live performances, he recorded more than fifty songs in studio, in which he sang tunes associated with Frank Sinatra, along with Porter, Gershwin, Garner, Ellington, Cahn&Van Heusen compositions and other jazz standards.

2015 – At the beginning of the year he toured northern Europe giving private concerts while working on his new Epk.

Free from contractual restrictions, currently he performs in all Europe and cooperates with several Italian, Russian and European entertainment agencies.

International musicians and renowned professionals in the world of entertainment consider “Bon” in the top ten of the best male singers of all time.

La “Bella Musica” continua ad esistere finchè c’è chi la sostiene ,chi la trasmette e chi l’ascolta.